• Sydney Opera House construction 1964
  • Sydney Opera House construction 1965
  • Sydney Opera House construction 1966
  • Taren Point bridge construction, Sydney 1963
  • Tasman bridge construction Hobart 1964
  • North Rankine flare tower sailaway Adelaide 1981
  • Bridge construction Yangtze river 2011
  • Bridge construction Yangtze river 2011
  • Bridge construction Yangtze river 2011
  • Bridge construction Moscow canal 2012
  • Bridge construction Istanbul
  • Construction of Atlantic Bridge Panama Canal 2017
  • Construction of Atlantic Bridge Panama Canal 2017
  • Bridge construction Kerala India 2019
  • Construction of bridge over Warrell Creek NSW 2016
  • Construction of Harwood Bridge NSW 2017
  • Construction of Harwood Bridge NSW 2017




Arbitrator, Expert Determiner, Mediator & Adjudicator

  1. “… Mr Shnookal also has significant experience acting as a tribunal in various arbitrations and as a member of VCAT for 10 years. … In my view, his extensive experience as a tribunal member and arbitrator is likely to result in the arbitration being conducted in the most efficient way, both in its hearing and in the delivery of the reasons for the decision.”

Gemcan Constructions Pty Ltd v Westbourne Grammar School [2020] VSC 429 [72] per Lyons J.




Arbitrator, Expert Determiner, Mediator & Dispute Board Member

“Donald Charrett is looked upon with enormous favour by sources for his vast experience in construction and engineering disputes.” Who’s Who Legal Construction 2020

 “Donald Charrett gains plaudits for his first-rate practice which focusses on handling sophisticated engineering and construction disputes.” Who’sWho Legal Australia – Construction 2020

 “Donald Charrett is internationally renowned as a leading name in the region, offering clients over 30 years of engineering experience alongside his legal expertise.” Who’s Who Thought Leaders Construction 2019

“He is superior to all of the other arbitrators I have previously engaged.”
“Donald is an excellent and knowledgeable lawyer.” Who’s Who Thought Leaders Construction 2021

Expert Determination Chambers

Expert Determination Chambers (EDC) is a “virtual” Chambers of barristers with specialist skills in complex technical, engineering and construction (TEC) disputes. The members of EDC are independent barristers who practise in construction law; each of them is also a qualified engineer with many years of engineering experience.

The members of EDC are accredited and experienced arbitrators who have conducted a number of arbitrations and expert determinations.  They are familiar with the currently used platforms for virtual meetings and hearings, and with electronic tools for managing large volumes of technical documents and expert evidence (such as e-brief) and have conducted virtual hearings online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are very familiar with modern techniques of using expert evidence in court and arbitrations, and act as independent facilitators in expert conferences / expert conclaves.

As lawyers with technical expertise the members are well qualified and have served on Dispute Boards.





FIDIC contracts are the most widely used contracts for international construction around the world and are used in many different jurisdictions, both common law and civil law. For any construction project, the General Conditions of Contract published by FIDIC may need to be supplemented by Particular Conditions that specify the specific requirements of that project and jurisdiction.

FIDIC Contracts in Asia Pacific (2022), FIDIC Contracts in Europe (2023), FIDIC Contracts in the Americas (2024) and FIDIC Contracts in Africa and the Middle East (2024) provide readers with an overview of the legal environment, the construction industry and features of contract law applying to construction contracts in 51 jurisdictions.  The jurisdiction chapters were written by over 100 professionals with specialist expertise in construction law in their jurisdiction.The books provide detailed guidance for the preparation of the Particular Conditions for FIDIC contracts that will comply with the requirements of the applicable laws that apply to the site where the work is carried out, and for the governing law of the contract. The books also detail the impact of COVID-19 on both the execution of construction projects and the operation of construction contracts in each jurisdiction.

These book are essential reading for construction professionals, lawyers and students of construction law who are involved with FIDIC contracts, and are available in hardback and ebook formats. They can be ordered from the Routledge website: https://www.routledge.com/search?kw=charrett

Single copies of each book can be purchased at a 30% discount, or all four books can be purchased at a 40% discount using the promotional code FIDIC